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Raphael Nussbaum & Iwan Bigler are the visual raconteurs behind Bern-based Team Nine. While under the heavy influence of cinemato-, photo- and typography, they try to compose the grandeur that surrounds us into experimental short films. The Team is all about traveling and getting out.

Me, Valentin & You
- All of You

When upcoming indiepop band Me, Valentin & You offered a collaboration on a music clip for one of their songs we did not hesitate and accepted the challenge. After all, it was a long time since our first video and the second release seemed still far away. Filming was scheduled to take place in a tower overlooking Bern on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, drummer Emanuel was stuck on a train in Italy so that the sun had long set when he finally arrived at the location. However, we were still able to get all the footage within one day. We are grateful for Tanya, Kurt and Simon for their support, and Marc Gasser of Schallstall for the live audio recording. The band is currently in the studio working on their debut album.
Keep an eye on them.
Beautifully composed. Great job Team Nine! Beide Daumen hoch dafü 今後のシリーズも期待しちゃいますね。 Acht grossartige

Shutter Ísland

This is the first project in a series of hopefully many more released by Team Nine. Set in Switzerland and Iceland, Shutter Ísland tells the story of Iwan and Raphael meeting up for a fifteen day journey exploring the island in the North Atlantic. We knew that Iceland is also referred to as photographer's paradise so we packed some camera equipment and a plan for a video project. The idea was to capture the sceneries that we came across while driving and hiking, and to bring them home as a souvenir. Good memories.
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Yours truly, TEAM nine